Monday, May 28, 2012

My History Playing Football

My History Playing Football

Football is a really fun sport that I thought that I wouldn’t find in Mexico. One of my favorite parts is when the quarterback says "hut". It is the best part because you are all ready to start the play.
I really like football. I started when one of my neighbors asked me if I wanted to play football.  So I asked him, "Is there a football team near here?"  He said,  "like 10 minutes from here."  I told my dad and bought my equipment. So I started training.  I began to like it more and more. Sometimes I got beat up by the other kids because I still didn’t know a lot about football.
 One day I told the coach I wanted to try QB. So I tried the position. I liked it, and I thought I was pretty good throwing. The coaches liked me being QB. But I didn’t know the plays so the coaches told me I could be wide receiver. I liked that position, but I really preferred QB better.  Nevertheless,  I started training as receiver. I caught pretty well. Then I liked playing the line so I decided to be a lineman  till they told me I was too small. So then I didn’t really know what I was going to play.
Then like a month later and after a lot of training and exercise,  I started playing QB again. I was pretty good but the coaches didn’t know my age. I was playing with the older kids as QB. The coaches thought it was ok that I played with older kids. Then the head coach let me decide if I wanted to play with the older guys as substitute QB or to play with my age as fullback and linebacker. So I decided play with the guys  my age. Then just yesterday, May 27, I went to our inauguration of our league. There was a lot of people in the football field, it was fun. I really like it. We walked with a lot of other really good teams. We appeared on TV, well, a special channel and online. I felt like a star.
Well that’s about it for my football career I have been playing for about half a year. So I will be playing as a fullback and linebacker .I really like those positions and I really want to win the championship. And I will like to play all my life.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today I'm going to talk about the volcano Popocatepetl. Wierd word. This volcano has been throwing ash all over the area. We are really close to that volcano. We are getting all the ash and its hard to breathe mostly when you run. The government said that it wasn't going  to explode but we still have to be cautious. Everything is gray you can't see the volcano. Well sometimes you can it from our house, and its a really pretty view.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hey tomorrow I have a football game. I have really got into football and I really like it. Tomorrow we play for the finals to be champions. In a really little league. I have been playing as wide receiver and defensive lineman. But Tuesday the coach told me to be quarterback. I really like being QB. But is really hard.

Here's a picture of a helmet that my grandpa bought me.