Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hi today I’m going to talk about piracy. If you don't know what piracy is, it’s a copy of the original movie, music and video games, and this is illegal. A lot of people here in Mexico don't even have one original movie, it’s all pirated. These movies come in a little bag and if you're lucky in a hard box. You can get these movies for 1 dollar or less.
The better quality is clone, and this is the digital copy of the original. But a pirated movie is videoed in a movie theater. This is why Blockbuster is running out of business.

Here I have a picture of a big video game place, but is all pirated.

And there are movies and games in English.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy streets

Well today is going to be an interesting theme. 4 people in church were mugged last week.

One of them, Isaac, was hit by the handle of a pistol. He lost about $45. Another guy in the church, Allan, was threatened by someone in a car and the guy acted like he had a pistol in the back of his shirt, and told the guy in the church not to say anything or he’d get in big trouble. He wasn´t robbed, but it was scary.

Another man, Jorge, was mugged, and he only had about $2. The robber wanted more. He told the robber that he didn’t have any more money and he said, “In the name of Jesus, LEAVE! And he did. The last guy to have a problem last week is Fabian. This is my favorite story. He was in a restaurant eating and someone opened a door to the outside. His brother asked the guy to close the door because it was cold outside, but the other guy didn’t want to. He said he would close it whenever he wanted to. This started an argument which ended in a fight. 10 guys against Fabian and his brother.

So…it was an interesting week here in Ixtapaluca!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fortin de las flores Veracruz

Hey sorry for not writing this last week, I was at a CAM conference in Fortin de las Flores Veracruz. It was really fun and interesting. David Gomez was our youth group teacher. We played a lot of pool and poker, some Settlers and Dominion a lot of board games. We also played capture the flag. We watched a movie called La Aldea, it was scary. It was just 4 days there in Veracruz. The trip was the only bad part, 5 hours. It was boring then a lot of traffic there in Veracruz. Well, it was fun.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hey today I'm going to talk about the metro ( Subway). It's a really cool experience and a really tight ride. A lot of people going everywhere and well you can get lost really easy.

It's not really bad if you don't get in because you wait 4 the next train but if you don't make it out of the train you are in trouble because you have to go way to the other station and turn around. It's bad if that happens. One time I went with my youth group leader called David Gomez and an intern called Joe Martinez. Well we went to other side of the metro station. It was a long day. We went to the famous university called UNAM so when we where heading back the train stopped working. We all had to get out and wait like 20 minutes till the next train came.

A intern that came called Nicole she took this video

and here I have another pic.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello, today I'm going to talk about Xochimilco. This place is so cool.
This place is really fun. It's like a little tour through the river. You rent a boat for 20 dollars, equal to 200 pesos for the smaller boats. The bigger 32 people boats they are a little more expensive, like 30 dollars. These boats are really pretty. You always get a guy who has a big stick and that's how you move around. The other cool part is all the people selling things in the middle of the river.

There are people who come and sell food in little boats, like quesadillas. Imagine if you're in the middle of a lake and suddenly you see a little boat with a little stove and two people sitting there and asking if you want some quesadillas or elote (corn). But my favorite are these musical boats, like mariachis in a boat right next to you. That's cool, but the only bad thing is 5 dollars equals 50 pesos a song its pretty pricey. I like when the mariachis jump around the boat and make it tumble.

This is the place i talk about but i think you don't want to be there when this happens
if you want to see it click here

Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm going to talk about these interesting dogs called xoloescuincles. They are pretty ugly dogs. They are really expensive. A lot of rich people have these dogs. They don't like the sun. They are always in shade because these dogs don't have fur and the sun burns them. These dogs are in danger of extinction. Also these dogs are Mexican natives well these dogs were really appreciated by all the Indian tribes. These Dogs where found in the Bering Strait. These dogs where really faithful with their owners, and used to warm up their feet during winter.

If you want to see some pics click Here

These dogs feel really gross.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Candy Stores

Hey I'm going to talk about candy stores here in Mexico. The candy stores here don't really sell the candy people in U.S.A know. This candy its kinda gross. It's there not like milky way and Hershey. Its cheap Salsa candy. Some i like but some are super gross.

Well that's the candy that you will probably get in Halloween all that cheap stuff

Here i have some pictures.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Here some pics of Crazy Mexicoo

Dia de muertos ( The dead day) or halloween

Hi I'm going to talk about Día de muertos, that's like Halloween in Spanish. This event here in Mexico is a big thing, but here they give offerings to the family members that already died. If that person smoked a lot they will go buy a cigarette and put it in the offering. They say that the first Day of November the kids will go out in the streets and ask for candy. I went to this big museum yesterday and it was all about the Día de muertos. It was really big i will upload some pics.

If you want to see a link to the museum, click HERE.

Here's a picture of how my sister celebrates Halloween with her iguana.