Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hey today I'm going to talk about the metro ( Subway). It's a really cool experience and a really tight ride. A lot of people going everywhere and well you can get lost really easy.

It's not really bad if you don't get in because you wait 4 the next train but if you don't make it out of the train you are in trouble because you have to go way to the other station and turn around. It's bad if that happens. One time I went with my youth group leader called David Gomez and an intern called Joe Martinez. Well we went to other side of the metro station. It was a long day. We went to the famous university called UNAM so when we where heading back the train stopped working. We all had to get out and wait like 20 minutes till the next train came.

A intern that came called Nicole she took this video

and here I have another pic.

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