Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello, today I'm going to talk about Xochimilco. This place is so cool.
This place is really fun. It's like a little tour through the river. You rent a boat for 20 dollars, equal to 200 pesos for the smaller boats. The bigger 32 people boats they are a little more expensive, like 30 dollars. These boats are really pretty. You always get a guy who has a big stick and that's how you move around. The other cool part is all the people selling things in the middle of the river.

There are people who come and sell food in little boats, like quesadillas. Imagine if you're in the middle of a lake and suddenly you see a little boat with a little stove and two people sitting there and asking if you want some quesadillas or elote (corn). But my favorite are these musical boats, like mariachis in a boat right next to you. That's cool, but the only bad thing is 5 dollars equals 50 pesos a song its pretty pricey. I like when the mariachis jump around the boat and make it tumble.

This is the place i talk about but i think you don't want to be there when this happens
if you want to see it click here

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