Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy streets

Well today is going to be an interesting theme. 4 people in church were mugged last week.

One of them, Isaac, was hit by the handle of a pistol. He lost about $45. Another guy in the church, Allan, was threatened by someone in a car and the guy acted like he had a pistol in the back of his shirt, and told the guy in the church not to say anything or he’d get in big trouble. He wasn´t robbed, but it was scary.

Another man, Jorge, was mugged, and he only had about $2. The robber wanted more. He told the robber that he didn’t have any more money and he said, “In the name of Jesus, LEAVE! And he did. The last guy to have a problem last week is Fabian. This is my favorite story. He was in a restaurant eating and someone opened a door to the outside. His brother asked the guy to close the door because it was cold outside, but the other guy didn’t want to. He said he would close it whenever he wanted to. This started an argument which ended in a fight. 10 guys against Fabian and his brother.

So…it was an interesting week here in Ixtapaluca!

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