Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Family in Oregon

Hey. I'm going to talk about my time in Corban.

We had a great week at the university, but today I'm going to talk about a special family we know, that we saw in Oregon. This is a great family...the Estañol family. Charlie has been a friend of my Dad since a long time ago. He entered the army and we hadn't seen him for like 10 years. When we saw him he had a wife and a family. Three kids. Micah (5) Jeremiah (3) Elisha (1). They where really nice kids. And his wife´s name is Jennifer. They are a really nice family. They took us to the beach there in Oregon. It was a really cold day and it was raining but we had a good time. After that we got hot chocolate and had a good conversation in the way home. They are a really nice family.

Here I have some pics of the beach.

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