Monday, January 20, 2014

Long Journey

Sorry I haven't published anything in a really long time, I'm going to start again. My Dad, Toño Muñoz, Fernando Amezcua, Erik Morga, David Morga and I traveled to Rio Grande Bible Institute, in Edinburgh, Texas. It was a long trip.

On the way up, we saw a really bad accident involving 8 trailers and at least 10 other vehicles. We were stuck in traffic between San Luís Potosí and Matehuala. It's all deserted there; we were in the middle of nowhere. My Dad walked over 2 miles in stopped traffic,when he got to the accident he tried to call us and tell us how bad it was...we didn't know. There was no cell phone reception.  After like an hour of just sitting there with the motor off and throwing the football around in the center divider of the highway, we saw cars crossing the median to the other side trying to get around the wreck. So we tried, but some traffic control guys told us it was closed, they told us another way to skip traffic...a little road you could barely see on the other side of the highway so we crossed in front of some angry trailer guys who didn't like what we where doing.

Finally we made it to the other side to the little road, and we passed right next to the accident. It was terrible. I tried to record it but my camera battery died. It was really bad. Supposedly only two people died but I think there were more. We made it through and we stopped at the next gas station like 6 miles away and my Dad was terrified with what he saw.  He took several pic with his 3 megapixel cheap phone camera. It was a crazy day. It took us 16 hours to get to Texas it was a crazy trip.

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